Thanks to a cheap Jetstar flight I started out with a couple of days in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was just a two day stopover and barely enough to actually experience O’ahu, but it made me want to come back and see more of the island than the tourist zone that is Waikiki.

P1000676I get did a chance to go snorkelling at Hanauma Bay, which was beautiful and had amazing sea life. You literally only had to walk two metres out and stick your face in the water (preferably with a snorkel on!) and there would be a plethora of fish right in front of your face. I also chilled out with a turtle for quite a while, but unfortunately didn’t have my camera on me then.

P1000691 (800x600) P1000769 (800x600) P1000748 (600x800)

I was proud of myself that I attended a Pilates class on my very first day – I was so adamant that I was going to do lots of Pilates in the States. Let’s not talk about how many classes I have taken since then… It was a great class though – a pacey mat class with a BASI trained instructor, so it was very familiar to me.

Before leaving for the airport I went for a surf at Waikiki. It wasn’t very good, but I got a couple of waves. The locals were a lot more aggro than I would expect for Hawaiians! I managed to accidentally run over a small child – the only kid out there! Those enormous boards are hard to manouvre! He was fine, thank goodness, but maybe that was a sign that it was time to move on!
P1000742 (600x800)Accommodation note: I stayed at the Waikiki Backpackers Hostel, which was a dive. It was a bed bug problem, the staff are fairly indifferent, and the advertised breakfast and free beer nights were very lame – we had to ask for the advertised free beer. However I did meet some cool people there so I didn’t have a terrible time. The location was good too.


5 thoughts on “Hawaii

  1. ale

    woow tahlei, pues así como tuve la oportunidad de conocerte en Sayulita espero algún día poder compartir un viaje contigo, esperando sea a hawaii 🙂 cuidate mucho y sigue disfrutando de Mèxico!!

  2. Carisa

    Maybe this is a place we shall explore more together at some point…I believe it is around midway of we end up in our assorted homelands in the future. 🙂

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