Pacific Coast Highway


Melba, Chele and I drove from San Francisco to Los Angeles via Highway 1 – the slower but incredibly scenic coastal road between the two cities. In fact, it runs from Seattle all the way down to San Diego. We did the whole SF – LA stretch in one day – a thirteen hour drive that Melba tackled on her own, a massive effort.

We didn’t get very far before making a stop for lunch in Carmel – a cute, artsy town with a beautiful beach.

P1010044 (800x583)

One of Carmel’s pristine beaches

From there it was a long, windy, beautiful road known as Big Sur. We stopped every opportunity there was to enjoy the view.

P1010057 (800x600)

Melba and me and the view

P1010086 (800x600)


P1010055 (800x600)The road left the coast briefly and entered a wooded area, also called Big Sur, where there was a store, a restaurant, a bar and cabins to stay at. It was a lovely place, and it would be a great place to hang out for a while, taking your bloody mary’s down to the river to cool off.

P1010069 (800x600)

Not a bad spot for a drink

Onward into the afternoon the changing light changed the view, bringing deeper colours to the water and sky.

P1010085 (800x600)One of our last stops was a small beach frequented by a whole lot of seals and sea lions. They are so fun to watch, flopping about on the sand and fighting and generally making a ton of noise.

P1010095 (800x600)

Lots n lotsa sea lions and seals!

After 13 long hours we finally arrived in Long Beach about 11.30pm. I proceeded to crash out at the foot of Melba and Chele’s bed on the world’s most comfortable air mattress which was to be my home for the next seven nights.


One thought on “Pacific Coast Highway

  1. Carisa

    These photos are stunners! I love the one of the folks relaxed by the water with a drink. You’ll have to give me that exact location for whenever I finally get to experience this drive.

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