Several people questioned why Boston was on my itinerary. Well, the truth is it is so close to New York that I thought I may as well check it out. And it turned out I could actually get a better flight to Mexico from Boston than from New York so it all worked out really well.

P1030283 (800x449)

It’s a very attractive city, certainly, and the autumn colours were in full display!

P1030303 (800x450)

I do love the New England architecure

I only had two days in Boston, but that was probably a good length of time. It’s only a small city, which is what I liked about it. On my first morning in the hostel I met a cool English chick called Jazz, so we spent the day sightseeing together.

P1030296 (639x800)

That’s Jazz

The main thing to do is walk the Freedom Trail, which is a painted or bricked red line through the city that takes you to the sights and monuments of the historic events that led to independence from the British. You can join an organised tour or do as we did and just follow the line, choosing when and where to stop off or go into different museums or sights. Having a line to follow is great! You don’t have to think about where to go or try to get your bearings.

P1030265 (800x600)

The Freedom Trail includes quite a few cemeteries. I do like a nice graveyard!

P1030280 (800x600)

Boston has a great mix of new and old architecture in the city centre, with everything being very clean and well kept

P1030291 (570x800)

Statue wearing a Red Sox jersey. I was in town for the start of the “World” Series, so there was a lot of excitement in the air, but I could not care less about baseball

Boston was the first actual cold weather I experienced in my whole trip, which was pretty lucky! It did mean that I had been carrying a coat around the whole time to just wear on my last two days, but it was worth it!

P1030295 (600x800)

This interesting church had box pews, which we learnt were to keep out the cold.

P1030304 (600x800)

Freedom Trail leading to the Bunker Hill Monument, which we climbed. That’s one way to warm up!

P1030311 (800x600)

The view from the top was worth all those stairs!

The trail ended at the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned warship in the world. No idea why it is still commissioned – I can’t imagine it being put into action!

P1030315 (800x600)

That’s a lot of ropes! Must be such a mission to sail those old ships

P1030321 (800x600)

Cannons would be quite useful in modern day warfare, I’m sure

P1030326 (600x800)


From the Constitution you can take a ferry back over to the city which was a lovely way to see the skyline.

P1030340 (800x600)

Again, gotta love a city on the water!

The North End of the Boston is really cool. It’s the Italian part, with lots of coffee shops and restaurants and cute little streets. We ended up back here for coffee and cake in the afternoon.

P1030288 (600x800)

Check out that antique cappuccino machine!

On my second day I visited the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, which was definitely well worth a visit. It’s the actual house of the woman after which it is named, that she personally built specifically to house all the pieces of art she collected over her travels through Europe, the Middle East and Asia in the 1800’s. She and her husband were some of the first white people to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia!

The house itself if amazing and stuffed full of things to look at. Mrs Gardener herself specified in her will that nothing was to be changed. She had very specific ideas about how she wanted things displayed, which is interesting in itself. It’s definitely not your typical museum experience. Unfortunately no cameras are permitted.

isg museum

The courtyard of the museum – my favourite part of the house

The rest of the day I just walked. And walked and walked. As much to ward off the cold as to check out the city! Although I enjoyed my time in Boston I was very excited to get down to the heat of Mexico the very next day!

Accommodation note: Boston is an expensive city to stay in and hostels are in short supply. I stayed at the Backpackers Hostel and Pub only because there was no where else available. I wouldn’t say it was a nice place by any stretch, but there were some fun people staying there. Then there was this strange Dutch guy in my dorm who was pretty good value. My first night he warned me that he might snore, then proceeded to exclaim about the smelliness of his feet as he removed his shoes. I told him he was a terrible dorm mate and he said well, but at least he’s beautiful. Riiiiight…


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