Colonial Mexico – a photo essay


The Spanish sure did screw a lot of things up in this part of the world, but they also left some lovely architecture scattered about the country. There are many colonial cities and towns, both big and small. These are some that I have visited. I’m not going to get wordy this time, but let the photos show some of the colonial gems I have visited in Mexico. Does that constitute a photo essay? I don’t know, but that’s what I’m calling it!


This was my first destination. Guadalajara is a big city with an attractive historical centre and plenty of fine examples of colonial architecture.

P1030409 (800x600)

P1040200 (600x800)

P1040331 (800x450)

P1030384 (800x600)P1040333 (800x596)


One of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen and still one of my favourite destinations in Mexico.

P1040374 (800x600) P1040335 (800x600)P1040408 (800x600) P1040396 (800x600) P1040414 (800x600) P1040398 (800x600) P1040476 (800x600) P1040481 (800x600)San Miguel de Allende

Not far from Guanajauto and considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful towns, San Miguel nearly beat the former in my estimation of gorgeousness, but after much consideration Guanajuato still comes out on top for me.

P1040617 (600x800) P1040529 (800x600) P1040548 (800x600) P1040569 (800x600) P1040554 (800x600) P1040616 (800x600) P1040611 (800x600) P1040593 (600x800)Queretaro

Also in the same part of the country as Guanajuato and San Miguel (in the centre of the country north of Mexico City), Queretaro is a bigger city with a very attractive historical centre and lots of cultural stuff going on.

P1060913 (800x450) P1060838 (800x600) P1060830 (600x800) P1060828 (800x600) P1060841 (800x600) P1060815 (800x600) P1060848 (800x600)

P1060935 (800x600)Taxco

Taxco rivals Guajanuato as my favourite colonial town. This one is different as the whole town is painted white, with white combis and VW beetle taxis to match. The effect of the white buildings climbing the hillside where the town is located is quite stunning.

P1070040 (800x450) P1070067 (800x600) P1070021 (600x800) P1070123 (800x600) P1070108 (800x600) P1070079 (600x800) P1070093 (800x600) P1070017 (600x800)Oaxaca

Oaxaca (pronounced Wa-ha-ca) is not just beautiful, but is also famous for cheese and chocolate. What more do I need to say?

P1050703 (800x600) P1050732 (800x590) P1050746 (800x600) P1050640 (800x652) P1050756 (800x600) P1050733 (800x600) P1050745 (800x600) P1050798 (800x588) P1050831 (800x600)San Cristóbal de las Casas

Getting down into the south of the country now, in Chiapas, San Cris is an interesting mix of a colonial city and traditional Mayan culture.

P1070872 (800x600) P1070808 (800x600) P1070917 (800x600) P1070827 (800x600) P1070825 (800x600) P1070805 (800x600) P1070803 (800x600)So there you have it! A quick tour of some of the colonial highlights of Mexico. I hope you enjoyed it! Which is your favourite?


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